New OrganAlliance

Join the alliance advancing breakthroughs in
organ bioengineering, banking, and regeneration.


Partners contribute invaluable in-kind support and have
unique opportunities to shape New Organ. Whether you
are interested in developing a prize, hosting an event,
providing services to teams, or promoting the cause,
there are many ways to become a recognized partner.


Sponsors have the opportunity to direct challenge
target choices. They contribute the necessary fiscal
support that makes the work we do possible. We
leverage the contributions of each sponsor into an
ecosystem much greater than the sum of its parts.

To explore how your organization can join the New Organ
Alliance please contact

Alliance Members

Prize Sponsors

The Methuselah Foundation has committed over $2,000,000 to support New Organ's prizes and operations and the launch of the Alliance.

The NASA Centennial Challenges Program offers incentive prizes to generate revolutionary solutions to problems of interest to NASA and the nation.

Scientific Advisors

Prior to launching New Organ prizes, all guidelines and milestones will be vetted by a TERMIS Working Group created for that prize.

HSCI’s biomedical researchers provide scientific input on our projects, such as the forthcoming Organ Bioengineering & Banking Roadmap.


New Organ works closely with Organ Preservation Alliance to accelerate organ banking, ranging from prizes, partnerships, meetings, roadmapping, etc.

Organovo has partnered with Methuselah to provide 3D tissue printers (using Organovo's bioprinting technology) for select research labs.


Innovation 4.4 brings their expertise in investment, entrepreneurship, and startup enterprises to support the New Organ Alliance's network and will assist our members in moving innovative tissue engineering research forward to their end-products.

Managing Partner

The Institute of Competition Sciences, a leader in prize design and management, oversees strategy and operations for the New Organ Initiative.

Privacy Statement

Personal information supplied to New Organ is used solely for internal purposes and will never be supplied to any third party. Individuals
visiting may elect to receive occasional email communications including updates concerning our progress, opportunities to
participate in projects, and general communications related to our activities. Receiving such emails is purely voluntary and may be unsubscribed
from at any time by contacting us at or by clicking "unsubscribe" in any unwanted email.